Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Pink House Delivered

Santa delivered the Pink House to its new owners on December 26th after a bit of a struggle to get it in his car.  In the end the only way it would fit was by removing the back seat and putting it roof down.

Nonetheless, it made it to the little girls for whom it was made.

What absolutely made us all laugh out loud is the fact that we planned which pieces of furniture would go in each of the rooms, only to have the girls put it where they wanted to go.  So the attic room that we left unpainted and completely empty....turned into a bedroom.

Santa heard one girl say to the other:  "The kitchen is looking pretty good now, don't you think?"

Then after spending two days playing with the house --only stopping for meals--they took all the furniture out and started over.

Thank heaven for little girls!


  1. Hi Sophia! I think that there is such a Great Pleasure when "Santa" hits on the Absolutely Perfect Gift! This must have Santa grinning from ear to ear! Congratulations; A job well done! :D


  2. That is awesome! They will remember this the rest of their lives. Great work on the house.

  3. Wow! That was one super gift, Sophia! What little girl wouldn't be in seventh heaven receiving this!

  4. That is So Sweet! I am glad Santa managed to deliver! I posted a drawing on my blog... (the post before the current one) a picture of my sister and I on the morning we got our dollhouse Many years ago! It was such a memorable Christmas morning! I am sure your nieces will always Treasure this house! And I Love how they have their own ideas of how it should go! What a Great gift! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Fantastic! These are just the best gifts and they'll have hours and hours of fun playing with it. And maybe even start making their own things to go in it.

  6. Hello Sophia,
    You did a terrific job! the house is great and is such a wonderful toy/ souvenir for those precious little girls.
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Sophia,

    Santa gave a wonderful gift: a dollhouse to spark the imaginations of two little girls and perhaps, the beginnings of a life-long hobby that they can share with each other.

    I think this is a gift your nieces will never forget!


  8. Turned out great. Love the stiff dolls!

  9. To see the grls play with the dollhouse and rearranging things must have been the best reaward for your wonderful work.