Friday, January 17, 2014

Michael Walton's Drum Table

Many years ago when I was in New York on business,  I sneaked out between meetings to Les Edelman's Tiny Dollhouse Shop up on the Upper East Side (314 East 78th Street near Second Avenue in case you want to visit).  This is his website, which I don't love:  This was early in my miniature life.

Anyway, the shop has glass cases all around the room but my eye unerringly landed on the most exquisite (and out of my price range) piece--Michael's drum table.  I was absolutely in awe.

Yesterday I went down to Michael's workshop and picked up my very own.  At last!

I'm going to show you in progress photos first.  It just so happens that Michael had another commission so he made two at once.

Here they are in their raw state.

One of the legs with its inlay.

The two tops before polishing.

After French polishing.  Look at that inlay!  All done by hand!

The other table has a leather top.

The two tables together.

Close ups of my finished table!

Every other drawer opens.

And here is the table in the Library of my big are getting a preview of the Big Makeover!

I don't dare put anything on top of it (yet).  Nor do I know what I would put there.  Any ideas?

Thank you, Michael!!!!!


  1. what a beautiful table, maybe you can put a nice hurricane lamp on top of it with some books.

  2. The table is exquisite! I love the new look and that wallpaper is quite daring but it works so well.

  3. Hi Sophia,

    It is simply a magnificent piece of furniture! You could, perhaps, put a nice piece of silver on the table or a vase with a stunning arrangement of flowers (by someone we know :->).

    I love the "new" library…elegant but comfortable-looking.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stunning tables!! What beautiful additions to your lovely home.

  5. Love the detail of the table. The library looks quite regal.

  6. How about some candles in silver holders and an open book or two?

  7. Impresionante trabajo!!!! da igual que coloques en esa mesa.lucirá por si sola,pero un libro quedaría genial.a mi gusto.

  8. Amazing tables! It's beautiful in your room.

  9. Hello Sophia,
    What an amazing table. It is just stunning. What workmanship. I think it would look great with a few books.
    Big hug,