Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kits R Us

Remember I mentioned that I've been busy lately working on yet another Christmas market stall?  This one is going to be filled with traditional German wooden decorations I've been making from Volker Arnold kits:  pyramids, lanterns, schwibbogen, lichterbogen, a creche scene, and tiny market stalls.  I bought most of the kits (and a few already assembled pieces) at the Chicago International, and I am waiting for additional kits that I purchased on his website.  Here is the address again:
These are some of the finished items sitting on my messy worktable.  You might want to click on the photos for a better look.

This is the creche.  It had a million little pieces but I managed to get it together.

This is a small pyramid. I cop to the lousy paint job on the candles, but it was hard to get even a tiny paint brush with very little paint on it to stay where it needed to be and nowhere else.

This is a more elaborate pyramid, assembled and painted for me by an artisan friend.  

Here are some lanterns.  These were really easy.  Notice that each one has a different scene. They are just like the full-size lanterns I saw at the Christkindlmarkt.  I have a few more to make.  I'm big on multiples. 

I made this simple schwibbogan (candle arch) and have more on the way.

I'm not sure what these little trees are called but they each have a different scene.  I think they will look great all lined up on one of the shelves.  More multiples!

I fell in love with these tiny market stalls when I saw them on Volker's table.  No way did I think I could make them myself so I bought them already assembled.    

Can you see all the tiny toys on the shelves?  Amazing!

I found these trees at the Wee C show, so I painted them green for a splash of color.  I wish I knew who made them because I would love to have a few more.  Anybody?  

So Kits R Us these days.  Most of you know I am so not a kit person, but I actually had enough fun with these that I ordered more and more elaborate ones.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Let me know what you think!


  1. Wat een prachtige kits...Heel bijzonder en vol details. Erg mooi.

    Groeten Xandra

  2. Wow they are fantastic. They will look wonderful on your market stall.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Hello Sophia,

    Well done! They look lovely…especially the creche with all its teeny-tiny details.


  4. I love them and I agree with you, multiples are a great idea for shops and stalls. They will show to great effect when placed together.

  5. Beautiful job! I've had a tiny village kit from him that I've been working on for a while now, but it's slow going. I can't wait to see your market stall: I'm sure it's going to look amazing!

  6. My order has arrived and I am hard at work on the final kits! I hope to be able to post some photos early next week!


  7. Hi Sophia! What I think is that you are so patient to have assembled all those tiny pieces. Those kits are so special! I have never seen anything like them before! The creche is outstanding! My favourite piece!

  8. These are fabulous. Last weekend I went to a shop that sold real life scale and they where gorgeous. Thankis for adding the link...Im off to look.