Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Patisserie: First Photos of the Shop

Today I am posting some photos of the shop side of my Patisserie. There is lots of display space, which is great because I have lots to display.

This is a head-on shot of the shop. There may not be room for the corner Bespaq case after all, although I can certainly fill it up if it fits. I'll have to see when it arrives.

This is a close-up of the left side.  Someone is already enjoying chocolat chaud and croissants.

This is a close-up of the display case from the shop side; you can sort of see into the kitchen.

This is the right wall with its big display case.  I've split the wall displays between pastries and confiseries (candy). 

Here's a close up of the display case alone.  That's a Reutter cash register in the middle, with a box of macarons by Betty Sartorio.  The small box of cookies on the lower shelf is by Carolyn Eiche.

Here's a close-up of the left shelf.  The cakes on the top shelf are by Betsy Niederer. Second shelf: Anne Caesar/The Kitchen Captive, bottom shelf: cake stand by Jason Getzan, tarts by Stephanie Kilgast and My French Cuisine. Macaron piece montee by Lesley Burgess.

On the confiserie side: Nut candy jar by Elisabetta Antonella, truffles by Stephanie Kilgast. I made the chocolates in the other jar. Second shelf: tiny meringues by My French Cuisine, pink and green bonbons by Lola Renner, tiny pastel candy by The Fabulous Farmhouse. All the jars are Glasscraft. I bought the displays on the bottom shelf several years ago at Boutique L'Ille Flottante on the Ile St. Louis in Paris.

Ray and Scott, I hope you like what I've done.  I couldn't have done it without you!

More photos to come....


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    ....what more could I say....

    Linda x

  2. Fantastisch.....

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  3. This is the Best I have ever seen in Miniature! You could not distinguish this from "real" size or miniature. You collection of desserts, sweets, candies come the top miniaturists there are, I am in awe of this piece.

    As an avid collector Wow is all I can say.

    Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  4. This is so beautifully realistic! I especially love the glass shelves and mirrors that bounce light around the room. Too lovely!

  5. t is looking really well...Pretty! I love it.
    Great work. :)

  6. It is all so stylish and gorgeous. You have done a wonderful job!!

  7. Wow! this is a wonderful job. I love, love all the wonderful details. You have a lot of treasures from the top artisans. Congratulations!

  8. Gorgeous and beautiful! It makes me think of a very chic and traditional patisserie/tearoom there is in my town.
    The miniatures you put in are wonderful.

  9. How beautiful!! It looks perfect in every way!